19 Ağustos 2018 Pazar

About Program

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Program Learning Outcomes


1- Comprehension of knowledge and skills that based on efficiencies gained in General or Vocational High Schools and supplied with upper level lectures and application tools; and able to indicate the comprehension of basic concepts in that field

2- Define, collect and efficiently apply the data which?s been required for solutions of the problems that well-described in Computer Technologies and Programming field; indicate the comprehension of theoretical knowledge, hand and/or intellectual skills that required for practical applications

3- Ability to express the designs and applications clearly about Computer Technologies and Programming field to colleagues, superiors and to person & groups who?ve been serviced ; able to be in teamwork

4- Ability to learn independently and indicate the comprehension to apply knowledge in Computer Technologies and Programming field

5- Indicate the comprehension of troubleshooting skill for unexpected situations in Computer Technologies and Programming practices

6- Control and evaluate performances of the staff under responsibility objectively

7- Capable of effectual level of foreign language in related profession

8- Ability to use the specific required professional software, further from the basic computer access

9- Conscious and cultured about social responsibility, ethics and social security rights for the subjects about related profession

10- Conscious about professional security, health and environmental protection

11- Conscious about Ataturk's Principles and informed about History of Turkish Revolution