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About Program

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The goal of the program is to train students to comprehend structure, management, institutional information flow of businesses, to add value to institutional information by using uptodate softwares efficiently, and to incline into teamwork with wide computer skills. 2 year associate degree education is given. Courses and training content with real-time internet environment are carried out.

National qualifications frameworks may contain levels (or intermediate qualifications) within the three Bologna cycles (e.g. a short cycle within the first cycle). These levels allow institutions to structure a particular qualification and regulate progression through the qualification. Qualification Requirements and Regulations are enacted by YÖK (The Council Of Higher Education) in Turkey.

It is objectived to have graduates who(?re);

* Conscious about Atatürk´s Principles and comprehend History of Turkish Revolution

* Good at using Turkish language skills

* Able to use mathematical skills in professional area

* Able to use intermediate level of English

* Know basic concepts, aims, relations and organization of businesses

* Able to be support interrelation between institutions and partners by using information technologies

* Create, arrange, transfer, retrieve, serve and share knowledge using information and internet Technologies

* Able to execute teamworks by using information technologies

* Comprehend project management processes and to be able to execute projects in electronic environment

* Adopt philosophy of total quality management and to be able to support institutional processes

* Consider the professional ethic, health and safety precautions 

Raising individuals who can use software in the body of business enterprises, owning sufficient information and skill on the flow of information, being able to have team-work, qualified in Internet infrastructured technologies and also raising members of profession who can apply these technologies into business administrations etc.



Program Learning Outcomes


1- Defining problems related to the field of working, telling about these problems to the partners that are given service to, members of team-work clearly.

2- Following new developments related to the field of working, learning these developments on one?s own and showing its application in the business enterprise worked in.

3- Predicting problematic topics that might emerge and having the skill for warning administrators on the related issue beforehand.

4- Executing team-work studies by following workers? performances under one?s responsibility.

5- Having sufficient degree of English in one?s own field.

6- Being able to use packet programmes used in business enterprises, adapting new software easily when needed.

7- Knowing about quality standards related to one?s own field; being able to apply quality standards to the business enterprise.

8- Reporting when needed by executing the projects in the electronical environment in business enterprises.

9- Having good relations with the workers and partners in the institution.

10- Deducing meaningful results by analyzing different data of the institution.