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About Program

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Raising members of profession who can follow personal information of the patients in health organizations, being able to file these information accordingly, reaching at reports in the archive when needed, using hospital information systems effectively and making necessary correspondances suitable to the rules.


Program Learning Outcomes

1- Storing information produced by researchers regularly and transmitting these information to the authorities when needed.

2- Owning high levels of morale in human affairs and carrying out social relations positively.

3- Informing patients on the working of medical services and general process of the hospital and executing duties of public relations.

4- Gaining English speaking and computer using abilities at advanced level.

5- Having a command of medical terminology in occupational fields.

6- Classifying diseases and operations by coding according to the international coding principles.

7- Carrying out high level of medical secretaryship.

8- Executing patient admission, floor secretaryship, registration and discharging processes of the hospitals at a high level.

9- Archiving files of the patients and other documents and reports in need through scientific methods.

10- Collecting data related to medical statistics, reporting the results to the authorities periodically through scientific methods.

11- Fulfilling the duty of medical spokesmanship.

12- Executing correspondances related to be used in medical documentation and in the archive of patients' files.