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About Program

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Profile of The Programme

1. Has the ability of arranging the domestic and outer communication,
2. Has ability of preparing all shorts of business writings have in profesional field,
3. Has ability to make meetings and organizations in the office
4. Has ability to use all sorts of office equipments for public and private sectors
5. Know and apply the filing tecniques well
6. Good in filing and archiving techniques, and be able to apply
7. Has ability to know about the social etiquettes in institutions and componies,
8. Having the knowledge and information of professional and commercial fields in office atmosphere
9. Having ability of using all shorts of office machines
10. Having knowledge and skills on ergonomics related in office designing.
Our goal is training professional staff equipped with above mentioned features.


Program Learning Outcomes

1- To recognize and can use the basic concepts of the office management and secretarial field.

2-To Find And Collect The Necessary Data Collection that releated to the area And Show to use the Theoretical Knowledge which needs for practical applications and hand skills and / Or intellectual skills.

3- Office management and secretarial practices related to the design and subordinates, upper and stakeholders as needed to make clear

4- Can start Teamwork and required in necessary levels and to apply and continue

5- To follow the innovation releated to office management and secretarial areas, to learn and implement the necessary ones

6- To determinate and analyse the Unforeseen situations can occur or will occur

7- Examining and evaluating employees depends on the office,and can evaluate these assessments objectively

8- To have enough foreign language about Office Management and Secretarial area.

9- Basic computer use and can use the necessary software releated to this area.

10- To be conscious and able to apply, office management and secretarial field, which are necessary for social responsibility, ethical values, social security rights, job safety, worker health and environmental protection information.

11- Able to perform Works that necessary for filing and archiving releated to Office order.

12- Able to make the time and protocol arrangements releated to possible meetings and ceremonies to be done in Office management and secretarial field .

13- To be conscious about Atatürk Principles and have information about History of the Revolution.

14- Knowing the necessary rules and grammar Turkish bases to implement these on studies

15- Using oriented-results and effectively the General communication information which is used in daily work